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wordpress web design services

WordPress is a popular website building platform that has brought about great changes in blog publishing and content management. Although it began mainly for blogging, it is now a full-fledged CMS (content management system). Easy structure, customizable templates and diverse modules are some key points that have made WordPress the preferred platform for websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites. We are a popular WordPress web design company in Chennai, equipped well to represent your business vision in your website with our enhanced solutions.

Why Use WordPress

Websites built on WordPress are lighter when compared to Drupal sites. But this does not compromise other functionalities such as slideshows, themes, multimedia integration, and enhanced coding. And Word Press has innumerable widgets, themes, and plugins, so you have several ways in which you can customize your site.

Our WordPress Services

We offer several advantages with our WordPress services including a powerful content management system that is also flexible. We incorporate the best SEO features to ensure your website ranks better in the search engines. Our customized themes made available via open source and the commercial custom themes help create a highly functional and top quality site.

Our services include

  • Website design and development
  • Template design
  • Theme designs
  • Blog development
  • Development of Open Source Content Management System

WordPress Benefits

Being a highly sought after WordPress development company in Chennai, we offer our clients several benefits via our services, which include ease of use and software that is free and fully compliant with the latest standards in a website like XHTML.

Why Businesses Opt for Our WordPress Services

Our team of expert WordPress professionals works in tandem with search engine experts to arrive at an appropriate solution for developing the ideal website that suits your particular requirements. We have served clients belonging to diverse industries who have gained the great advantage with our WordPress services. We help companies boost their efficiency and reduce overheads with our WordPress development services.

Custom WordPress Services

We are a responsive, full feature and mobile friendly SEO customized WordPress web design Company in Chennai. This is the easiest way to customize your website. We offer several opportunities to customize with templates and themes. Our themes include widgets, graphics, fonts and logos that can be chosen based on your specific needs.

Installation and Configuration of WordPress

We offer installation of WordPress, setting it up in your website, configuring WordPress including the widgets, plugins, and theme essential for your site. Our services come with the benefit of fast turnaround time.

Customization of Wordpress Theme

As a reputed WordPress Development Company in Chennai, we possess the expertise required to develop and create outstanding Word Press customization of any template or them. We help to decorate your site with our creative and appealing WordPress services.

Maintenance and Security

We offer maintenance as well as the security of your WordPress business site. Our services include security, backups, bug fixes and timely troubleshooting. We also offer plugin and theme updates at a highly nominal rate. Our security and maintenance measures are done on a monthly basis.

Management of Blog and Content Creation

Our WordPress services include blog management. Content creation for your business and personal blog management are part of our management services. We offer admin management services such as comment approval, users approval, etc.

Convert from PSD to WordPress

We enable a smooth transition of all your high pixel PSD files to WordPress themes. The themes are compatible across all browsers and W3C compliant. We also specialize in widget ready and fully responsive themes for WordPress.

Data Migration

We help to migrate the present website you own to WordPress format. We also convert CMS or PHP website to WordPress formats. The switching between different hosts is done smoothly without any worries about loss of files or information.

Plugin Development for WordPress

We offer tailor-made plugin development as part of our WordPress development services in Chennai. We help to boost the performance in the capabilities and feature of your website exceptionally.

Our WordPress Management Services

As part of our WordPress development services, we take care of services such as

  • New theme design
  • Customized applications, plugins and modules development
  • Integrating shipping modules and payment gateways
  • Making the website SEO compatible
  • Complete protection from Spam
  • Integration with other content management systems such as Drupal or Magento

Professional Expertise

The WordPress design and development team at Chennai web design Company has professional developers and designers with exceptional expertise in full feature WordPress website services. Our team excels in creating blogs that are fully search engine optimized, helping you gain a decisive edge over your competitors.

Flexible and Functional Websites

Although WordPress is thought of as a primarily blogging platform, we can create a highly functional website using content management system from WordPress. The platform is very flexible permitting us to introduce any type of custom feature needed for your business. Our services exceed your expectations in all aspects. Request a quote to avail our expertise at highly affordable prices.

Functional and Scalable WordPress Services

With our services, you will find it easy to install, customize, edit and use the WordPress site. Server load issues do not arise as WordPress manages the load effortlessly and takes care of the smooth functioning of your website even with huge web traffic. As a reliable WordPress design company in Chennai, we guaranteed a secure, scalable and reliable website that meets your business needs and improves your business tremendously.

Leverage WordPress Potential

We deliver powerful WordPress solutions that convert your brand and website into a unique form. With our stellar service, you can increase the visibility of your website on all the important search engines. We offer 24/7 support along with troubleshooting enabling you to avail the benefits of our WordPress service without any worries.

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