Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions rendered here apply to all agreements made between the Client availing the services provided by Chennai Web Design Company and Chennai Web Design Company.

The service refers to any quotation, confirmation letter or any other correspondence between CWDC and the Client.

The Client here refers to an individual, partnership, company, business or charity that avails the services or products of CWDC.

CWDC refers to Chennai Web Design Company.

CWDC is referred to in this document as we, us, our or the agents and employees.

The terms of use along with all other documents referred to here, constitute the whole agreement between CWDC and the client relating to the covered subject matter. It renders all previous agreements, proposals, undertakings either oral or written void. Any oral information or explanation provided by other parties will not alter the agreement or the information of the terms of service.

Web Development

It is the responsibility of the client to inform us in the case of any issue with the content or information on the site. Content update notification should be given 7 days prior to the alteration unless Client manages additional control panel service.

The base template design or custom design is provided by us based on the project requirements. The web content, image, purchase of photos in electronic format and all other details needed to make client site resourceful are the responsibility of the client.

Search Box Technology, Google AdSense, Advertisements and additional icons may find their way into your site to impart a professional image. If the image modification is done by CWDC, the expense will be charged to the client account. The formalities related to Bank or PayPal in the eCommerce site of the Client is the sole responsibility of the client.

Web Hosting

Hosting service will begin with the specified web server via third party providers we specify. The right to switch hosting provider remains with us and depends on the technical needs we require. Website hosting will be taken care of after the Client completes all the processes required including Project Order Form, provision of contents and website design and clearance of all outstanding payments. Space for the website will be provided on need base and the renewal agreements signed.

Domain Name

We take care of domain registration for the Client and act as the registrant. The registrant details will be accordingly displayed in the domain database. The country level domain name (.co.in/.org.uk etc.) and the global high-level domain (.net/.com/.org etc.) are registered for a single year. The domain name is provided based on availability. The expense on domain registration is not refundable once the domain is registered.

Maintaining records and reminders regarding the expiry of service is entirely the responsibility of the client. In case of renewal is not paid, service will automatically expire and CWDC will not be held responsible for loss occurring because of service expiry or termination. We may give notification via email to the contact details registered in our database regarding the expiry of services, if any as part of our concern for client convenience, but this is not to be taken as any binding commitment.

Fee for Services

Service Rates: Client or Service Subscriber acknowledges the precise nature of service provided along with the specific charges and rates have been communicated to the Subscriber or Client. The Client should be aware that charges and rates are subject to change occasionally. Any promotional offers provided by the company is subject to the cost incurred by the company on its expenses towards service provided on and maintenance and is not limited to the rates charged by suppliers.

Service provision is dependent on the complete receipt of payments stated by the company. All subsequent payments should be paid every month or every year as stated in the purchase agreement of the service.

Payments should be done via Credit Cards, Demand Drafts, Checks or other payment options the company provides. All charges should be done prior to the starting time of every service span. Irregular payments do not in any way imply that the Client can renege on the full payment.

CWDC retains complete rights to alter particulars regarding service or increase charges or discontinue services that it offers under various packages without prior notification. The client should acknowledge the fact that their account is subject to permanent or temporary changes without any prior information of notice if nonpayment on the Client side is present.

We endeavor our best to establish server set up within 3-4 working days from the date of payment realization. In the case of delay due to any unexpected situation, Clients are requested to bear with the company. Customized or additional services are subject to added charges as mentioned in the specific hosting package.

Confidential Support

The client should take care while providing information to the company executives or agents. Sensitive information such as banking info, passwords, and login details should not be disclosed. This applies to live chat communications too. Any interaction, disclosure, and commitment are to be done solely on client's own risk. CWDC is not liable for the legality of such interactions. It is important that customers should put forth all advanced and complex issues via the member control panel only.

If Client does not keep up with payments, termination or suspension of services will be done according to the expiry date of the service. CWDC is not liable for any loss to data or money that occurs due to such a situation.

Transactions Obligations

The company will not be liable for any commitment to Client by Sales team regarding the presence of technical features other than those mentioned explicitly in the company website. The company is exempt from legal action and liability for any unsubstantiated commitments by the sales team on mail or phone.

If any discrepancy is identified by the company between the written agreement on provision of service and the particulars detailed on the website, a refund will be issued on pro rata condition without any legal accountability. Written proof should be furnished by the client.

Promotional Offers

It is not possible to use more than one promotional offer simultaneously. CWDC retains the right to limit promotional offer usage by Client.

CWDC Designers Privileges

The right to control and manage website access and data access is reserved by CWDC. To avoid technical inconvenience to Client, we preserve information related to the template of web design, domain access, source code and hosting access. The information may be provided after a standard price is charged for it.

Any upgrade in the service provided will be communicated to the client 24 hours before beginning of upgrade. In the case of unexpected disruption of service due to network error or other issues, denial of service is within our rights. The client cannot initiate official proceedings for damages resulting from Network Outage.

Information Acknowledgement

As a Client of CWDC, you agree to provide us with genuine information related to your address, phone number, and other records and continue to keep the information updated. As our client, you are legally liable for using the account and agree that you have passed the minimum required eligibility for account holders.

Any credit card details you provide should be authentic and you should be the authorized user of the card. It is our duty to investigate the matter fully in case of any fraudulent use of credit card.

By hiring, availing and continuing to use our services, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions we have mentioned here and that you are bound by the regulations.

Account Cancellation

We retain the legal right to account termination at any given time and for any particular reason. CWDC accepts only the written request for termination of service. Any termination request on part of the client should be produced in writing via email. We relieve you from the obligation of paying further charges only after receiving the written request. However, this request does not relieve the client of any pending charges or obligations.

In case a client defaults, it is the liability of the client to compensate CWDC towards the fees incurred towards collection and attorney fees, according to the terms and conditions here. On termination of an account, CWDC is not liable to refund charges incurred on prepaid accounts and registration. Modification related to billing information such as cancellation of account should be provided to CWDC one week prior to the anniversary date of the account to ensure the cancellation takes effect appropriately. The client is liable to pay for services rendered if proper written application for cancellation is not submitted.

Termination of Service

CWDC retains the right to terminate service to the client on a prior notice of 14 days via phone, fax or email if the Client does not provide mandatory resources needed for completion of any fresh project.

With the termination of web service, we are entitled to block access to the internet and other access and also any data in the server, according to our suitability.

Client data will be held for 14 days within which Client is allowed to collect the data at their expense. If this does not happen we are entitled to delete the data.

We retain the right to terminate service to Client due to technical complications and other unavoidable circumstances that cause difficulty in completion of product or service. We will, however, refund full amount but not any amount of compensation.

On termination, Client will receive only 50% of deposit amount, while the remaining amount is taken as compensation for losing out on valued time.

The client is allowed to terminate maintenance service agreement at any given time, provided they give advance notification in written for at least 30 days before they want the termination.

All-Purpose Information

We are not liable for any copyright violation done by the Client as per the International rules on Copyright violation and any other activities that are deemed to be subversive.

Any notification given by either party to the agreement is allowed to be sent by post or email to the concerned address or other addresses used for communication. If notification is through email it shall be assumed as received on the same day and if the fax is used it will be deemed as received by way of a report of error-free fax transmission. For postal communication, three days will be allowed for receiving the mail from the posting date.

The Agreement made by CWDC with the client shall be automatically renewed annually unless terminated or canceled by either of the parties involved based on the notice provision mentioned. On renewal of the agreement, the client is bound explicitly to the terms of use that is currently followed and will be applicable to the agreement also. The updated copy of terms can be downloaded from our website at any given time.