Privacy Policy

CWDC Privacy Policy

We believe in providing the utmost privacy for our clients. We strive to create a rewarding and happy experience for you. We want our clients to utilize the extensive range of tools, opportunities and information available on the Internet with total confidence.

This Privacy policy is aimed at categorically stating CWDC's guarantee of security and privacy. The policy provides detailed facts on the information collection methods used by CWDC from end users who are benefitting from our services and from the users (visitors) who access our service but are not account holders with us and also subscribers who have a monthly subscription to our services.

The policy specifies on the collection of information methods, the choice provided to the visitors, subscribers and account holders and how we use the information. We kindly request you to peruse the Privacy Policy with care.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

CWDC uses multiple ways to gather information from its subscribers and visitors when they access the different parts of the company's services as well as the websites that are available via our services.

The information is used specifically for providing a personalized experience for the subscribers and visitors when they use the services of the website. We do not share the information generally with any third party service.

However, the information may be passed by us if we receive permission from our subscribers and visitors prior to passing the information in instances such as when disclosure is required legally or in any other special circumstances as indicated below

Registration Information

When subscribers register with us for the services we provide, they are requested specific information such as address, name, billing information, telephone number and the computer model used by them. The information collected during registration is used by the company to manage the account of the members for purposes such as billing. We do not share this information with any third party unless specified by us or in special situations.

In instances where CWDC promotes it service with other parties, it may provide some of the personal information collected including address, user name, and name of subscribers for purposes of promotion and to assess the results of the promotion efforts we have undertaken.

The personal information will not be used for any other purpose than stated above. In some instances, CWDC may collect aggregate profiles that are non-identifying in nature from the personal data provided during registration including the number of subscribers. The information of this type is collected to sell the advertisements we design for our services.

Data Security

The websites and services sponsored by us work under certain security measures for avoiding misuse, loss and modification of data that is controlled by us. We strive to put in our best efforts to guarantee security and integrity of the systems and networks. But we cannot provide complete assurance that the security measures will deter any third party hackers trying to illegally obtain the information.

Judicious Online Shopping

When you are shopping online in websites that sell their services or products, or require your registration for receiving information on their new product, catalogue or updates you may be requested to provide information such as address, name, phone number, email address and debit card or credit card information. You may also be required to furnish information related to the recipient if you are buying the product or service as a gift for someone. CWDC does not have any control on the information you provide in this way to third parties. You need to exercise caution while providing such information when you shop online.

Customer Surveys

All our customer surveys are voluntary in nature. CWDC conducts customer surveys of individual and business categories occasionally. We motivate our clients to take part in the surveys to help us gather information that will aid us in improving our services and the way we offer them. Your responses and personal information will be strictly confidential even in situations where the survey is held by third parties.

The information we gather from the customer surveys is combined with the responses of our other customers to form a generic and expansive response to the survey information including hobbies, residence, age, gender, employment, education and other demographic data. The aggregate information thus gathered will be used by us to enhance our services and for the research and development of new products and services. The aggregate data thus gathered is of non- identifying nature and may be shared with third party businesses.


CWDC displays the online advertisements of its services. We share all the aggregate and non-identifying data related to our customers that we have received during the registration or sign up the process and also through promotions and surveys we have conducted with advertisers we use for our promotions. We also use the information collected for creating customized advertisements intended for viewing by a set of target audience whom we have assessed to have better sales potential. We do not, however, share any confidential or personal information about our subscribers and visitors with such advertisers.

Email Inquiries

The return email address in the email inquiries we receive from our subscribers and visitors is used by us for answering the inquiries. This email address is not used for any purpose other than answering the inquiries and will not be shared with third parties.

Exceptional Cases

CWDC maintains stringent privacy policies and does not share personal customer information in ways that are not connected to any of the situation mentioned above. We also provide our customers the option of prohibiting such uses or opting out. Exceptions to the above rule remain, which pertain to disclosure of information that is subject to our discretion in situations such as legal or governmental requests satisfy certain laws such as Electronic Communications Privacy Act and other such legal circumstances. We also disclose information when it is needed to contact, identify or take legal action against any individual violating our usage policies and to operate our services efficiently and to protect our company and subscribers.

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